Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Sea glass and blessings

So this past weekend I had my blessing for baby buttercup and I. It was a beautiful gathering of women. I have to say it felt transformative. I can't even articulate how much it meant to me, there were tears, and laughter, and love pouring from everyone.

During one piece of the ceremony several friends read things they wrote to honor the journey I've been on. One in particular touched us all.

Sea Glass
By Lisa Ragain

     Seas glass is pieces of broken glass that have been transformed by adversity. Molten slag from refineries is dumped in the ocean - discarded as worthless. Years in the salt water, being tossed around and ground down on the sand, battered by the waves and the relentless passage of time... Sometimes the glass comes from shipwrecks. A tragic event, loss of life, and devastation sends these fragile, shine bottles and cups to the deep. They are cracked, broken, and all but destroyed. Their reflective sheen is worn away by the salt water, the same ph as human tears. The piece is unrecognizable as it's former. But something else happens as well. The sharp edges of the glass are worn down. Bumps and cracks are weathered away. Weakness and vulnerabilities are worn out. That bit of broken bottle, or lump of cast off glass has been transformed. It's surface is frosted over by the salt, so that it no longer reflects back the face of the holder, but rather it shines from within with it's own color and light. It's value is magnified by what it has endured.
     You began your life simply, as someone ordinary. You were cracked, chipped, and dented by the harsh world. You were broken by your shipwreck, and sent to the bottom  where all you knew was tears. Grief is our ocean, and the world is the tide that throws us onto the rocks. But you are not what you were. You've been transformed. You were broken, but now you are strong. You no longer show the world the face they are comfortable seeing - you have only what is inside you, your pure beauty, and that is one million times more beautiful then any make or reflection It is your endurance that shaper you.
     Life devalued you, tragedy broke you, grief battered you -  but your survival showed what you're made of. You are flawless in your imperfection, and your damage revealed your beauty.

My friend Lisa Ragain wrote this beautiful piece, she is a great friend, a wife, a sister, a mother of 2 precious children and so much more. She's a person people are honored to know, a person who brings light to others. I am so grateful to her.

Thank you friends who came in person and in spirit and blessed me, I am moved, I am touched, I am changed. You've given me the strength I needed to know I can do this, I can do this and Bram will be there with his brothers to welcome his baby sister into the world.

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  1. thank you for sharing all you share mam , sincerely, babz


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