Monday, February 24, 2014

I hate hunger games

I hate it.

I saw it not long before Bram died, and I hated it so much. For some reason the subject has come up multiple times in the last couple days. And it makes me so angry that people find it ok as entertainment. It hurts my heart.

I fully admit that I didn't read the books. I have no interest in reading the books. But people were very "happy" with the movies, so I can assume that it's pretty close to the book for the fans to be "happy." I can't handle the idea of anyone being happy with such ideas, I want people to learn of the ideas and rage and seethe and fight until nothing like a reality show of child death could even be an idea. Yet children are being sacrificed DAILY in this world, sold into sex trafficking, treated like disposable pieces of trash, their deaths going unnoticed, uncared for, devoid of justice, children starving in a gluttonous world. The problem with people killing kids, and people finding entertainment in it is that: IT EXISTS RIGHT NOW(I know the news sure does love child death for ratings). I will dare say there are even people being conditioned to enjoy the murder of children or anyone. People talk about this hunger games situation as some possibility in the future, that this is about a post apocalyptic world, but it's not. The only difference is we're not televising the murders of children, though I'm sure you can find videos on the internet. And lets talk about sacrificing children because the government said so. Every elimination of parental rights, every time the state gets to decide what's best for YOUR child (like what doctors to see, when to go to school, how much school is appropriate, vaccinations, surgeries, registration for our sons in case of draft, hospitals petitioning courts for control over pregnant women's births) is a step closer to a hunger games like world.

My kids watched their brother die. The looks on their face are etched into my soul, the pure terror, the crashing destruction of innocence ripping through their body, watching them as their worlds and lives spun in the absolute chaos. When child death makes it's way into your life, when it becomes your reality, when your child's blood covering you and his face ripped from his body because of NOTHING and having it become a SHOW and entertainment, and having people take joy in tearing you apart because your kid is dead, and having the justice system FAIL to protect your flesh and blood.... well then... people taking joy in even a fictional child's death becomes at the very least insulting and disturbing.


  1. I get what you're saying, but if you keep watching the series, and especially if you read the books, the whole idea of the series is the people uprising against the government and setting things right again, getting rid of this "entertainment," the unfair treatment of certain parts of the country, etc. The revolution begins in the next book/movie, Catching Fire.

    Praying for you daily.

    1. Really? Did you read this post? "It gets better" was what you felt compelled to say? A grieving mother talks about the horror of child death as entertainment and your advice is to keep watching, to look for the deeper message? I'm in shock, and so glad that your asinine comment is anonymous.

  2. The books are showing how horrific the idea of child death as entertainment is and people kicking ass in order to make it stop.


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