Thursday, January 30, 2014


I've mentioned a few times that on Bram's last full day we went to the zoo. At the zoo the boys, especially Bram were most excited over 1 animal.... the canadian goose.

I laid in my bed in the afternoon following reaching 14 months of living and breathing without him. I stared out my window watching geese fly south dozens passed over head, all the while wishing for a sign. When the geese stopped I said "Bram if you're still there send me another [goose]"

I waited, tears falling down my face.

30 seconds pass, and a goose appears, flying north instead of south.

And another...



And just when I thought he was done.... one more.

I asked for 1, a small little sign, one goose.

And Bram sent FIVE.


Bereaved, if you think its a sign. It is.

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