Sunday, December 1, 2013

December 1st

Nothing going on in our lives.

One breath at a time is my mantra.

I barely remember the holidays last year and I'm trying to pull it together this year. We put up 2 trees, a "regular" tree with baby safe ornaments, and a Bram tree.

Just kind of holding on the best I can right now. Loving my boys, loving Bram, talking about him, doing our best to love fearlessly as he taught us.

This is the month of birthdays. The hubs is 30 in just a few days, followed by K on the 17th, me on the 25th, and our wedding anniversary on the 31st. Just keeping it low key.

The grief is STILL overwhelming and I've been stewing on a few thoughts that I may or may not blog later. Idk.

It sucks that my kid is dead, it sucks to do thing right and still wind up with your child dying, it sucks that my boys are triggered by things like Santa because Bram should be here to celebrate Christmas.

This path sucks.

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  1. Happy Anniversary! I hope you and hubby enjoy it the way you know how to. Wishing you and everyone Happy Burfdays (as my little guy would say it)
    Christmas is my favorite thing. I couldn't even imagine having it be a struggle. And to watch your babies struggle... :(
    Hugging you and your family as your forced to walk down that sucky path.


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