Sunday, September 22, 2013

Birth is as safe as life gets

I've talked about Bram's birth a few times here, even shared the story. This weekend was the Trust Birth Conference in Sydney, Australia, so friends were posting some great reminders. This past week a local station once again ran a story on "Freebirth" or as many call it family birth.

Bram's birth was an accidental family birth and it was amazing. I read some commentary on the local freebirth story and it was overwhelmingly "I'd rather be safe than sorry" and "If I gave birth at home I would have died" but these are apples and oranges. Birth starts at safe, everyone you know was born, every person who has ever walked the planet was born. Yes there was death and problems, but they haven't gone away. Childbed fever was spread because physicians thought it was silly to wash their hands between examining a dead person and a healthy living person. We've also made extreme advances in sanitation and nutrition. But this is a tangent and not my intent. And even then, even birthing with every technology available, we still lose babies because we cannot control life and death.

Bram's birth was perfect. I allowed him to enter the world on his terms. Peacefully. Protected. Loved. I am SO thankful for how he got to begin his life. All this hope and promise bundled into a tiny beautiful person. He was born at home, without assistance, and we aren't lucky, that's just how it worked. Because birth works. It matters how we treat our babies when they are born. He was never scrubbed roughly, or treated for STDs in his eyes or body, he was never separate from his mama.

Life is not safe. Obviously people die. Children die. Babies die. No matter where your child is born there is no promise of a tomorrow with them. There is only now. Make the now count. Make the now everything you wish for them to know in their life in case that's where your life or their life stops.

Birth matters. Trust birth.

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