Sunday, August 18, 2013

Parking lot safety for drivers

Part 2

The distraction of a person behind the wheel of a 2-3 ton machine lead to Bram's death. It was violent, it was bloody, and my family watched someone so beyond special to us die long before his time. Choosing to be fully present when driving, not treating your car like a living room where you get to relax, remaining vigilant, that would have prevented his death. So please, take these things seriously, it would be terrible to be in the shoes of a person who took a life, or a family forever in mourning.

  • Put your phone away, seriously. My mom now puts her phone out of her reach. Put your purse in the trunk. There is absolutely no reason to touch your phone, answer your phone, read text messages, while you are moving a giant machine. Even if you live an on call life style that call can wait long enough for you to stop moving the car.
  • Turn off the radio, you need to be able to hear what is going on outside of your car.
  • Roll down your windows. In combination with turning off the radio, it was shared with me after Bram died that they now do these to things so they can listen to who is around them, so if a parent screams for their child they stop moving the car
  • Stop talking to anyone in the car the conversation you're having can be finished when you stop moving the car
  • Grooming can wait, don't mess with your hair, don't apply make up, don't check yourself out. Just wait until you stop moving the car.
  • Remember pedestrians have the right of way, your car weighs 10-15 times or MORE than an adult, they are not in your way...
  • Stop looking for a better place. Take what is available. More than likely (handicapped friends excluded) your body is capable of making it from 20 parking spots away from the door. I myself have walked that or farther, even with a newborn, in the cold, and in extreme heat.
  • Look for small people around your car . Before you ever drive (or purchase) your car figure out your blind spots, apply mirrors where necessary, get a back up camera, make sure that short people will be safe from you. 
My friend said it beautifully "Multitasking is a terrible myth that not only keeps us from enjoying the moment - it has us preforming multiple tasks *part of the way* at one time.   Kinda driving,  kinda listening to the kids, kinda listening or talking on the phone.  When we stop "multitasking" each task becomes better, richer, more vibrant!  When I drive I'm fully driving. When I talk you have all of me. When I'm with my kids I am fully with my kids.   It takes practice, but if people try, within a week you feel your stress drop and your quality of life shoot through the roof." -G

So protect pedestrians, protect yourself from taking a life, and PAY ATTENTION. When driving there is nothing that needs as much attention, nothing that needs to split your focus from the task at hand. If something comes up that does need you, stop moving the car. 

Be safe for Bram.

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