Friday, August 2, 2013

Breastfeeding Bram

It's world breastfeeding week. I love this poem, and I love my breastfeeding experiences. I'll share a bit of Bram's with you

I loved nursing Bram. When Bram was born we were so in awe of the quickness and ease of him being born that he really didn't care until everyone settled down. He just hung out and checked out his new world. Once we were all ready to finally go to bed he latched on and we all went to sleep, somewhere between 2-3 in the morning. He never had an issue, tandem nursed with his older brother K for a few short months, nursed through jaundice that first week, and got milk on cue without ever having to cry or get mad. It was such a beautiful, blissful, normal breastfeeding experience.

He called his milk "boueys" so that's what we continue to call breasts for A.

In labor with baby A, Bram nursing every chance he got <3

Nursing as a big brother while insisting he hold HIS baby.
We elected to donate Bram's organs and tissues. It wasn't even a question, we knew it was the right thing to do. When your loved one dies you have to answer a questionnaire to determine if the donation is a healthy one. Because Bram had my milk 5 months before he died I had to answer the questions for him and for myself. It was heart wrenching, but he was worth it. I still remember the conversation, sitting in my bathroom (the only quite room in the house) holding back the tears to answer the very kind gentle man from donor alliance.

Every drop of milk my body gave to him was worth it.

Normalize breastfeeding, support breastfeeding mothers, support all mothers, and support each other.

And if you want to you should also read this beautiful blog of adoptive breastfeeding!

I love you Bram! I miss you! And I can't wait to hold you again <3

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  1. <3 He's so beautiful. He's so loved and I know he's so missed. I know there aren't any "right" words, and I certainly don't have them. All I do have is the love I'm sending to you and your family every day. Thank you so much for sharing these moments of Bram with us.


Thanks for reading and loving Bram!