Friday, April 19, 2013

Hurting for you

As much as I wallow in my own muck, I still hurt for you.

I hurt for every mama hurting. I hurt for every mama who is search for the answers for her self or her child. I hurt for every mama that is having a hard time being a mama, who is not getting her love cup filled. I hurt for every mama who has lost. I hurt for every mama who's babies never made it to their arms. I hurt for every mama who tries and tries to change her circumstance to make a better way for her children and doesn't get to where she really wants to be. I hurt for the mamas who's kids pushed them a lot too far today. I hurt for the mamas who have a lifetime of struggle ahead of them either for their children or themselves. I hurt for the mamas who need to be loved and supported but don't receive it. I hurt for mamas who's grown children have died. I hurt for mamas who are hurting in their bodies, in their minds, or in their hearts. I hurt for all the mamas around the world, you are warriors for your own children. <3

Whatever path you're on in this life, the feelings you have are valid and deserve to be validated. Even if I don't know you, this is me casting my love to you. You are loved, and I am glad you're in this world.


  1. Thank you, for this. I needed to read it today. Bless you, your children, husband...Bram. All of you.

  2. You just brought me to tears...sending the love right back to you, sweet mama. Heather in Thornton


Thanks for reading and loving Bram!