Friday, March 22, 2013

Our last hug

I broke down again trying to think of the last time I hugged Bram.

I frantically searched my brain of that day, that wretched day that shouldn't be. The only things that are especially vivid of that day, are the moment I say his body on the ground, and being in the hospital, and the CPR, and tubes, and the look on TJ's face when I told him. So I couldn't find it, and then I went to the bathroom. He always followed me there, he would hug me, and climb on the tub, and swing from the towel rod. And then I remembered...

I was sitting, before getting ready for pictures, and crawls into my lap. Then his legs go into the legholes of my pants (cause you know, I'm going potty here!). Hug him, kiss him, and the tub and towel climb begin. Then he asked for a bath. Of course I'd remember my sweet silly boy in the bathroom, that's so his sense of humor. So perfect.

Hug your kids EVERY DAY, you never know when it'll be the last time.

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