Sunday, March 10, 2013

Bram Moments part 1

Some reposted from facebook.

Calling this part one because he is so much more than one post. No idea how many parts their will be.

We cloth diaper, and the smelliest diaper of the day always was the first one, the night time one. In the morning Bram would without fail, protest the morning change. He finally got tired of me bugging him. Me: Bram let's change your booty, you stink
B: "Noooo............. I no tink...,,,"
Me: yes stinky bottom, lets change you
B: no..., I no tink...... YOU tink!
And off he ran, smelly and perfect

We have a picture of the 3 bigs hanging up. Bram knows everyone's name but when we'd ask him who was in the picture his response was interesting.
Point to T, who's that?
B: Tayum
Point to Bram, who's that?
B: Me!
Point to K, who's that?
Now we randomly call K, Bobby.

There was a time he had a screaming meltdown forcing me to stop the car, turn around and drive back the way I came. Why randomly begin screaming hysterically? Well because we drove a car with a autobot symbol and he didn’t get to look at it long enough. Once we drove by it slowly he was perfectly calm. That phase lasted 2 more cars.

Then there was a time K made him SO mad he hit K in the head with the sharp end of a hot wheel car, K bled. Later K bopped Bram in the face and gave him a bloody nose. Oh brothers!

Whenever I want to think of his voice the first thing that pops into my head is him sticking his tongue out, head cocked to the side, eyes the opposite way while yelling "blat!!!"

I loved how he repeated everything back to us. Like explaining before A was born that the baby was going to come out of my vagina. He would repeat back quizzically "baby tum out gina?" And I would say yeah he would respond shaking his head yes, like I should know this "baby tum out gina, yeaahh....."

He couldn’t say orange, even though it was his favorite. It was “orunch”

When listening to his stories, and really it was quite in coherent, a lot about transformers, I would say “oh yeah” to acknowledge he was listening. It turned in to him saying “OH YEAH?!.....OH nooooo…..”

He danced with his whole body shaking his heads, and feet, and arms all at once. Or by squatting. His favorite thing to dance to: mini cooper commercial. He would stop everything he was doing and just start squatting to the music.

“That’s too much” meant MORE! So when he kept emphatically telling me “that’s too much” to cereal I left him the cereal and the milk and let him figure it out. He dumped the entire box, into the biggest bowl he could find. Then he ate 5 bites. Worth it!

We watched a friend’s kiddo. After lunch and he took the food when she didn’t finish it. I said “Oh Bram you’re a pig!” and he said “PIEG?! No…… I no pieg”

He loved pigs, so much that once he found a plastic pig in a park sandbox and wouldn’t leave until I promised him a trip to target to buy him his own pig.

He could lay for hours letting me do “this little piggy” to his toes. We'd come up with different places and food for his piggies to go to and eat.

He hated being away from me, there was a time at church that when he realized I wasn’t in the room playing he screamed so loud that we heard him in the service. I left in a hurry and spent the rest of the service with him. worth it

He slept like a starfish, sprawled out, taking up a 1/3 of the bed. The center third.

His favorite food: meatloaf and mac & cheese. And “tany” aka candy. And saysins (raisins). And green beans. And beans. And meat. And pasta. And apples but only the first bite. And oranges. And if it was edible, it was his favorite. He was a garbage disposal of food.

He loved babies and quickly became possessive of the babies he got to hold. If you tried to take baby away he would pull baby closer.

To be continued...


  1. Made me smile Sam. I can see him saying these things and reminded me of when one of my boys hit the other one "up side the head" with a golf club. Love you Sam <3

  2. I never got to know him, but reading this made me cry, smile, and laugh. Hold on to your memories and thanks for sharing.

    Jennie Meyers

  3. Beautiful! I cannot wait to see more of the world through Bram's eyes!

  4. Such a little character! I'm loving getting to know him more, what a precious boy!


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