Sunday, January 20, 2013

Dear Pedestrians, I hate you.

Dear pedestrians,

I hate you.

Maybe it's not that I hate you. I hate my reality. I hate that my reality has not effected you. I hate that my reality has not made you stop and think. I hate that my reality hasn't changed the way you live.

I hate watching you, I hate watching your carelessness. I hate seeing you do dangerous things. I hate that you cross without a cross walk. I hate that you walk out into traffic. I hate that you cross without the right of way.

I hate that Bram was safe, standing safely with his dad, in a safe parking lot. I hate that he is dead. I hate that you continue to do unsafe things and live without consequence, and my little boy who was safe suffered and died.

I hate that you're not effected. I hate that you're not changed.

Pedestrian, it could have been you, with as careless as you are. But it was my little boy, who was not careless. He was safe.

Pedestrian, every time I see you cross the street without care, without thought, I am jealous. I am hit in the gut with strife that you are not effected by reality.

Pedestrian I hate you. I hate that no amount of safety could have saved my little boy. I hate that your thoughtlessness proves this, day in and day out.

Dear pedestrian, be safe. I don't want your mom to hurt for you as I hurt for my little boy.

Dear pedestrian, be safe.

A broken mother


  1. I can understand your anger& confusion so well& it takes me back to those raw early moments nearly 5&3 yrs ago when we lost two sons back to back. I know I can listen to you if you need someone, we are strangers but we are in one as moms who have lost and are learning to live again.

    I'm so sorry for the accident that took Bram. I am here, even if it's in cyber space, you are not alone.

    I have to say you are on the right track with this blot processing these emotions. I think it is a life long journey. My sons left me with this incredible desire to live& love& to never ever be stopped by fear.

    Bless you momma, may you find a bit of peace tonight <3

    My email is

    You are not alone <3

  2. Your loss HAS effected me. It HAS made me think. Every time I walk out to the car with my kids, I think of how much I love my little ones and remind them to be safe. I am so sorry. Sending so much love to you and your family.

  3. I have also been changed by your story.
    I KNOW that we are not invincible.
    I know that life is fragile and that no laws can fully protect the lives of those we love.
    I think of you often and I hold your story close to my heart as a reminder that life is far too short and that people can be ripped away in a moment....It reminds me to love without limits every day.


Thanks for reading and loving Bram!